Pat Patterson is an accomplished actor as well as an award-winning producer; giving her a unique perspective on storytelling. She is a graduate of American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She continued her studies at HB Studio with the Ibsen Master Earle Hyman and the legendary Uta Hagen. As a full-time working actor, Pat has graced the stage Off-Broadway in New York and on Theatre Row in LA. She has also brought her talents to numerous film projects, including the comedy, My Bakery in Brooklyn, starring Linda Lavin, A Cry From Within, the psychological thriller starring Cathy Moriarty, as well as the thriller Junction with Michael O’Keefe and David Zayas. Most recently, she worked with Dylan Walsh of Nip & Tuck and Eric Roberts. She has been seen on The Blacklist, Younger, 30 Rock and the pilot of an ID series, now in it’s 7th season, Blood Relatives.

She is the founder and president of Pâté Productions an independent production company which has created the short A Younger Man, which is used as part of Hospice’s Elephant In The Room series, exploring the theme of what are your options when life cheats you out of health. Junction, a winner of 17 Major Festival Awards as well as being named by Indiewire as One of the Top 5 Best First Feature in 2013. Her current project, a scripted TV series HereAfter Here explores an imaginary space between Eternity and Earth.  Each week God, who reveals himself as The Man in the Hat, delivers someone at the beginning of a near death experience to Kenna Mason’s garden. Kenna and her deliciously misfit family help the guest navigate their life choices finding forgiveness and release.