Hereafter Here explores a gateway between Eternity and Earth. A place where weekly guests find themselves at the beginning of a Near Death Experience reviewing their life. A place where God, who reveals Himself as The Man in the Hat (TMTH, think James Spader in The Blacklist) teaches fatherly lessons on love, kindness and forgiveness.
Each episode begins with the delivery of a guest by TMTH to Kenna Mason’s garden, the portal He created between worlds. Each guest has had a traumatic event rendering them clinically dead, yet each experiences sounds and sights of a divine nature in Kenna’s garden.

TMTH has chosen Kenna for a special assignment as a guide. It’s an impossible undertaking, but TMTH is known for that as well as His collection of hats. He sends in His A-Team to assist her, Howard, an angel who finds the Earth confusing but does love the food and Dr. Bacon Maddox -a Down Syndrome youth with a heavenly heart. They create a decidedly misfit family tasked with helping these guests.

He also gives Kenna a gift of Memory Merge, wherein she can join in a person’s past as an observer allowing us to time travel back to their defining life events. This unique insight provides a rich tapestry to connect with a diverse audience seeking answers to the universal question of life after death.





Sometimes while you are pursuing your dreams they come rushing at you. Such was  the case with Pâté Productions’ first project, A Younger Man. It is a beautiful love story written by Rachael Seiden and adapted for the screen by Tony Glazer, and directed by John Howard Swain under the technical and visual expertise of Anthony Lenzo.

A Younger Man toured the film festival circuit garnering six festival awards. Since that time it has been taught in New York University’s undergraduate writer’s program, George Washington’s Masters in Psychology program and most recently we have been approached by Volunteer Services for the Hospice of Chesapeake, Maryland to use the 10 minute film as part of their outreach program. We are honored by the ability of our project to serve the community.


Junction is a genre thriller starring Michael O’Keefe. David Zayas, Tom Pelphrey and Neal Bledsoe. An amazing ensemble cast. Junction has been released on DVD on Amazon or can be rented on Redbox. It is also streaming on iTunes, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

The reviews are in and we’re a hit!!! “A quietly effective thriller with a few narrative tricks up its sleeve.”– Hollywood Reporter and “A cleverly constructed hostage thriller… Solid acting (there isn’t a weak performance in the bunch!)” – New York Times.

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